Popular with travellers with a rich history

Kosovo isn’t on many bucket lists (yet!). It should be, because this country in the middle of the Balkan region deserves recognition. It’s especially great for those who like to go out and explore on their own and take their time.

Kosovo has been an independent state since 2008. If you want to get off the beaten track, this is the place for you. You'll discover how friendly the capital Pristina is, with cozy markets and cafes. And the hinterlands are still remarkably wild and free of other tourists. And it’s larger than you might think: around 10.887 km2.

The rich history of Kosovo tells about the relatively unknown Illyrians, the Romans, the Slav tribes, the Ottomans/Turks and the Kosovo war that lasted from 1996 to 1999. Since then it’s been relatively peaceful and it’s safe to travel to.

Things To See in Kosovo

The capital of Pristina is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, thanks to its many historic buildings. Other important cities are Peja, Prizren and Gjakova.

There’s also a very rugged landscape in Kosovo. Most famous are the Mirusha Waterfalls, but the Rugova Valley and the area near Prizren shouldn’t be missed. There are also many lakes such as Lake Batlaves in the north of the country.

Brezovica is also home to one of the best ski areas in the Balkan. Those are also great for hiking in summer time.

Kosovo borders with Montenegro, Albania, North-Macedonia and Serbia. It’s relatively easy to travel around the area, though do plan for time-consuming formalities at the borders.