Country with an incredibly rich history and friendly people

Iraq is often in the news, but the news is rarely positive. That’s a shame, because the people are so nice and the country’s history is incredibly rich. Iraq is in the historic location of what was once Mesopotamia. A trip to Iraq is a journey of discovery.

Iraq doesn’t get a lot of tourism, though everyone has heard of it. It’s mentioned in the Bible and located in the catchment area of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Or you might have heard of it in the news, but they were probably not positive stories, it’s likely to have been about the ongoing wars.

Not many people know its history. It began with the relatively unknown Sumerians, who actually invented the first script in the world, around 3400 BC, as well as the first forms of literature. The first cities were formed here, and this area had the first recorded laws. Their culture was incredibly rich.

The region kept developing, and a highlight was the city of Babylon, home to one of the seven wonders of the world: the Tower of Babel. And where there are riches, there are battles. Many tribes have tried to conquer this land, such as the Assyrians and Persians.

A true traveller will have Iraq on their bucket list. Once it’s deemed safe, the country will be open to tourism. One thing is for sure: Iraq is worth a visit if you like traveling off the beaten track.