Dragon’s Breath Zipline

Experience the longest zip line in the world over water

The Dragon's Breath, the name is more than intriguing. It is a wonderful zipline along the coast of Haiti. You'll fly above the ocean and the beach.

Ziplining is hanging on a steel cable and sliding into the depth. In Haiti, you can enjoy the Dragon's Breath. You fly down a hill over a wonderful bay. With views over the blue ocean. This tour will make you feel humble. Or you just start screaming with adrenaline.

Discover the best tips for this special excursion. Where you can read about the flight with the unique view. And about the location and how to buy a ticket for your flight.

This is what the Dragon’s Breath zip line feels like.

You slide just above the waves crashing on the beach. While you enjoy the wonderful climate of the Caribbean. What else do you need?

It belongs to the Royal Caribbean cruise company. You can buy tickets on the spot to use the zip line or you can book ahead if you’re taking a cruise with that company here.