Chimpanzee Conservation Center

Chimpanzees are rescued and cared for in Haut Niger National Park in Guine

The Chimpanzee Conservation Center in Haut Niger National Park in Guinea is a shelter for mostly orphaned (and sometimes neglected) chimps. It’s the starting point for a long process to return the animals to the wild, which will take at least ten years.

Everyone who visits the shelter helps fund the Chimpanzee Conservation Center, and you can see how the carers look after the animals, and learn about the problems that these primates face in their lives. Once you see the chimps in real life, you’ll be smitten with them.

You can choose to adopt a chimp, or become a volunteer to help protect these animals. Volunteers need to be available for at least six months, but as you can imagine it’s not just a useful thing to do, but also very educational.

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