Guinea Bissau

A country with beautiful islands

Guinea-Bissau is not very well known by tourists. This country in Africa is among the poorest in the world. More than half of its people live below the poverty line. The facilities in the country are very limited. Which brings safety to the forefront as a concern.

This is a pity, because the natural habitat of Guinea-Bissau is impressive.  This country boasts rainforests and countless islands that are a resting place for thousands of birds. While the culture of the inhabitants is very diverse.

Bissagos Islands

Guinea-Bissau is best known for the Bissagos Islands. Also known as the Bijagós Islands or Bijagós Archipelago. These 21 islands are one of the most important wintering areas for migratory birds. These Include pelicans, ibises, various species of terns and  various other species of birds.

This also includes birds that migrate to Europe in the summer. Animals such as hippopotamus, nile crocodile and various species of monkeys also live here. The most special is the West African manatee, which is 1 of 3 species of manatees.

Thousands of green turtles lay their eggs on the beaches. The islands were designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1996. The Bissagos Islands are definitely worth a visit.