Volcano island with white villages and blue domed churches

Santorini has been known to enthusiasts for years, but recently this island of Greece has gained popularity through social media. Photos of the snow-white villages scattered with a blue church are extremely popular on Instagram and Facebook. Especially at sunset it shows the beauty of the island.

Due to the earlier volcanic activity, there are vertical walls, where white villages with blue domed churches have been built on and in. Santorini has a diverse landscape, and it is perfect for hiking.

Santorini: not one, but seven islands

Santorini is known as one island, but there are actually seven of them. Besides Santorini (which is also known as Thera) these are: Thirasia, Aspronisi, Paléa Kaméni, Néa Kaméni and Christiani just over 20 kilometers away. Santorini is the largest, but it is very worthwhile to discover the other islands as well.

In recent years, the other islands have also become more popular. But not like Santorini itself, which is actually too busy in the high season. Which makes the other islands ideal for staying there.

When exploring the island, you will come across colourful rocks. These rocks get their colours from the different metals in the ground. You will also find beaches with black, red and brown sand as well as beaches with pebbles.

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