British Overseas Territory in southern Spain.

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory at the southern end of Spain. Famous for its landmark, the Rock of Gibraltar, with its many monkeys. Another cool thing here is its unique airport where road traffic and airplanes intersect. It is only 6.7 km2.

An Anglo-Dutch force captured Gibraltar in 1704 from Spain during the war of the Spanish Succession. In 1713 it became officially British territory. During World War II, Gibraltar controlled the coming and going of all ships in the Mediterranean Sea. This was possible because it is only 13 kilometres wide there.

Nowadays, Gibraltar is a holiday destination. As it is British territory you can buy English products, pay in pounds and the famous red London buses drive through the city. The landmark the Rock of Gibraltar is inhabited by many monkeys, originally from Africa. One of the activities is to explore the many caves of the rock, which contain stalactites and stalagmites.

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