The Gambia

Small, but diverse country in Africa

The Gambia is small. Actually it is little more than a fairly narrow strip along the Gambia River. The country is about 250 kilometers long and only a few dozen kilometers wide. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean; the land part is enclosed by the neighboring country of Senegal.

Very interesting are the famous stone circles, which lie scattered around. According to archaeologists, around the year 700 an unknown people left these stone structures behind. They are all placed stones in the shape of circles. But why they did it nobody knows.

You can go on safari in The Gambia. Although this is not a standard safari like in East Africa or Southern Africa. You will not see large animals such as elephants and antelopes for instance. A safari in The Gambia is a bird safari, as more than 450 species of birds have been spotted in the country.