Often called The Last Eden

Gabon is a special country in Africa. This is a nature lover's paradise. There are many animals that inhabit only this region of the continent. These animals can be seen remarkably easily. As a result, Gabon is a special destination.

An interesting fact is that 10% of the land's area has been protected territory since 2002. This area has been set aside for gorillas, elephants and chimps. Gabon is located on the equator in Central Africa. The total area is 267,667 km².

The neighbouring countries are Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo and the island state of Sao Tome and Principe.

An overview in the Gabon rainforest.

Gabon wildlife

If you're on a tour in Gabon, you can spot animals like the lowland gorilla and chimpanzee. Another spectacular monkey species to see is the mandril. The male has a set of intimidating teeth and a bright red/blue coloured nose. The rare forest elephant and the hippo live here. They show sometimes very unique behaviour, as they like to swim in the sea. Scientists say this only happens in Gabon.

Loango National Park

Loango National Park is getting more and more famous. This park should definitely be visited. Animals such as hippos, elephants and buffalo go into the sea. You are considered lucky to see this special sight. As the animals don't do this every day.

The most special activity in Loango National Park is a walking safari in the jungle. The guide will take you to various open spaces in the rainforest to view animals. This is where forest elephants and buffalo can be found. You can observe them up close.

Loango is also known for whales and dolphins. Depending on the season, you can see turtles laying eggs on Loango beach.

Forest elephants in Loango National Park in Gabon.

Crystal Mountains National Park

Crystal Mountains National Park has an unprecedented biodiversity. This mountainous area is praised by botanists for its hundreds of species of orchids and begonias. In fact, they believe that this area has the largest biodiversity in Central Africa. Crystal Mountains National Park is close to Gabon's capital, Libreville.

Akanda National Park

Akanda National Park is close to the capital Libreville. This nature reserve is perfect for seeing the various birds, like the kingfishers and various species of parrots. But also many migratory birds can be spotted. Akanda city is also close to the capital Libreville.

The country has several ecosystems that can be visited during your tour. Tropical rainforests with thousands of species of plants and trees. About 20% of that is only found in Gabon. For example, the coastal areas, such as Pongara, offer good opportunities to explore the vast mangrove forests.

Gabon Tour

Gabon is not your usual destination. A trip to this country is certainly not cheap. Partly because you usually have to travel by plane from one area to another.

Best time for Gabon

Gabon has a tropical climate, with a wet and dry season. The wet season is from October to May and the dry season from May to September. The temperature is almost always between 27 and 31 degrees. The best time to travel is during the dry season, from May to September. As road transport is easier