Swimming with rays at Stingray City

The best place in the Cayman Islands to swim with rays

Stingray City in the Cayman Islands is one of the best places on Earth to see stingrays in the wild. You can enter the water between the special animals. It's not dangerous.

The shallow waters of Stingray City are home to many stingrays. These rays have a maximum wingspan of two meters and are very curious. And hungry, because they are fed here.

A group of fishermen on Grand Cayman discovered the animals in the 1980s. The stingrays were eager to eat their fish waste. Since then more and more rays have been seen. Soon the  tourists arrived.

The snorkelling tour

There are tours on offer out of Grand Cayman to swim with rays and pat them if you wish, but you do have be aware to always leave enough room for them to swim away.

Tourists snorkelling with stingrays.

Is it dangerous?

Always make sure that you give animals space to swim away. They are not called stingray for nothing; they have a dangerous tail after which they can sting. And I think petting is going too far, so I won't. I'll watch the animals.

The water at Stingray City is very shallow, the rays pass by at less than half a meter deep. What an unprecedented experience. This excursion is a must if you visit the Cayman Islands.

More information: www.stingraycitycaymanislands.com