Cape Verde

These islands off the coast of Africa are much more than sun, sea and beaches

Cape Verde is on the rise for tourism. These islands off the coast of Africa are popular with sun lovers. They appreciate the nice climate, enjoy the golden beaches and the clear blue water. But the volcanoes offer so much more.

The islands were formed by volcanic eruptions. Some of the islands are incredibly rugged, with some volcanoes still active. It is a very good spot for hiking. Cape Verde is partly comparable to the Canary Islands, which have also been formed by volcanic eruptions. But Cabo Verde, as the archipelago is officially called, is much more African. It’s rougher and ideal for exploring.

The beauty of Cape Verde.

Nature lovers are slowly starting to discover Cape Verde more and more often. The culture of these islands gives it an extra shine. Cabo Verde, as the archipelago is officially called, is ideal for exploring.

These are the highlights for the various islands of Cape Verde. With beaches and volcanoes as attractions, but there's more. In this article there are  different excursion options for you to opt for.

São Vicente

Best known for the town of Mindelo, the cultural capital of the Cape Verde Islands. It is a lively city with lots of live music, cafes and local restaurants with lots of fish dishes. Many streets still have cobble stones and colonial Portuguese houses. They are very atmospheric. The island has beautiful beaches and has the best excursion, the ascent of the Monte Verde mountain.

Santo Antão

Santo Antão island in Cape Verde.

The second largest island is rugged and strikingly green. It is popular with hikers. Santo Antão has mountains of almost two kilometers high and numerous hiking trails, including some along the coast. You can easily reach this island by ferry from São Vicente.

São Nicolau

A church on São Nicolau.

If you want to see the diversity of Cape Verde, you have to go to São Nicolau. This island has the most extreme landscape differences of the Cape Verde islands. Monte Gorde is a mountain that determines the climate of the island. In the east there is a lot of rain, so many green valleys and small villages that can be found here. In the west of the island it is very dry. Which creates a kind of lunar landscape, without much vegetation. Perfect for photos.


The island of Sal in Cape Verde.

The island of Sal is the most touristic of all the islands in Cape Verde. It has long sandy beaches, luxury hotels and good conditions for sports such as surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. The interior is dry and remarkably quiet which is often forgotten. This is a perfect place to go out on your own.

Boa Vista

The island of Boa Vista looks like Sal, but is bigger yet quieter. Which actually makes it a better place than its northern neighbour. The name Boa Vista means nice view, and that says it all. Here, too, you have empty desert-like plains and golden beaches. The atmosphere is more authentic.


Maio is the easternmost of all islands. Salt extraction is done at several places and the island is not visited much by tourists.


Santiago is the largest and most varied Cape Verdean island according to many. The diversity of this archipelago is clearly visible on Santiago. The north side is rugged with rocky coasts and breaking waves, while inland you will find mountains with countless vistas. In the middle of the island it is strikingly green due to a reservoir. Santiago is special as it has various types of beaches. Including black lava beaches and yellow-white beaches.


The volcano on the island of Fogo.
 The island of Fogo is special because of the volcano on the island. This one regularly makes the news with its outbursts. The ascent to the crater is for many the highlight of a visit to Cape Verde. The landscape is rugged, although the population cultivates coffee and wine on the slopes. Which you have to taste, because the quality is more than good.


Like other islands, Brava is a volcanic island. It is the smallest inhabited island in the archipelago. Ideal for hiking and exploring on your own.

Island hopping on Cape Verde

You can easily travel from island to island by ferry. Usually a trip is only an hour. This is the best way to discover the various islands. To experience Cape Verde is so much more than a destination where the sun often shines.