A remarkably diverse country

Cameroon has a great diversity of attractions. With safari areas, an imposing volcano, waterfalls and the colorful capital Yaounde. The country is not really popular as a destination. But this is a surprising trip in Africa. It is perfect for an adventure trip.

Waza National Park

A giraffe in Waza National Park.

Waza National Park is a good place to go on safari. The park is especially famous for its elephants. You will see them for sure. With some luck, you'll see other animals such as lions, hippopotamus, giraffes and various species of monkeys such as baboons.

This protected nature reserve was founded in 1934. Waza, as it is often called, covers a total area of 1,700 square kilometers. The best time to visit the park is from March to May. Keep in mind that it will be very hot. Which means that the animals frequent the sparse watering holes. You can view them easily, without disturbing them.

Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon is an active volcano. It is also the highest mountain in both Central and West Africa. It is one of the most popular attractions to visit in Cameroon. You will be astonished by the beauty of Mount Cameroon.

The best excursion on the mountain is hiking. This is best done with a guide. Guides are generally at the entrance of the park. The price should be negotiated. Don't pay until afterwards. Although you can also go out on your own it is safer with a guide.

Take your time for this trip. Along the way you will come across several huts to rest in. You are allowed to stay in some huts. And you can continue on the road the next day. In this way you experience a beautiful sunset and sunrise. Which you won't forget.

Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls

A view of Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls in Cameroon.

The Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls are known for the 1984 film Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan. The waterfalls are no less than 82 meters high. And are even more than impressive after bad weather. You will find the Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls near Melong.

Cameroon Tour

It is best to visit Cameroon on a guided tour. This country is still nice and adventurous and very worthwhile. You can go out on your own, but public transport, accommodation and safety is tricky. An organized round trip is easier. Then you have a driver with a car, who also acts as a guide.