Horseshoe Bay

Famous and lively beach on Bermuda

The name says it all. Horseshoe Bay on Bermuda is shaped like a horseshoe. So it is sheltered and you see bushes all around you.

Horseshoe Bay is the most famous beach of Bermuda. It’s wonderful for swimming, snorkelling, walking and dining. It’s a great representation of the Caribbean.

Although it can get busy here in the high season. Early in the morning you can take a lovely walk on the beach here.

Popular for live music

There are lots of events here, such as musical performances. It’s a beach for young and old, with plenty of different things to do. Of course you can simply stretch out on the soft sand. 

Visiting Horseshoe Bay

It’s easy to get there by public transport. So pack your towels, flip-flops and drinks and go.  

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