Local name: Yanar Dağ

Its native name of Yanar Dağ means ‘Fire Mountain’ or ‘Burning Mountain’, which is obvious when you see this natural phenomenon.

For centuries flames have been coming out of this mountain, because this is where natural gas seeps through the porous surface of the landscape. The flames, which reach up to 3 meters high, change colour in the rain.

There are benches around so you can sit by the fire, which can be a nice and romantic setting.

World traveller Marco Polo mentioned this phenomenon when he journeyed through the area back in the day.

If you visit Azerbaijan, you have to visit Yanar Dag.

Yanar Dag overdag.
Yanar Dag by day. Nick Taylor

Best time to visit:

You can visit Yanar Dag all day, but the flames are not as visible during the daytime, so the best time to see them is at night.

Marco Polo