The African elephant is probably one of the most famous animals in Africa. And for sure popular amongst tourist that go on safari. The African elephant is one of the Big Five of Africa. Which every nature lover would like to see.

African elephant can be more than three meters in height

Many tourists do not realise how big an adult elephant can get. And they are surprised when they come across one in the wild. Males, in particular, can grow up to 3.3 meters high. These animals sometimes bear tusks of more than a meter.

The heaviest land animal in the world lives in groups of diverse animals, ranging from two to tens. Although you can also encounter a lonely elephant. The English name of this animal is the African elephant, while its Latin name is loxodonta africana.

Various species of elephant

For years it was believed that there were two species of elephants. The African elephant and the Asian elephant, which live in many parts of Asia.

But DNA research has shown that there are actually two kinds of subspecies in Africa. You have the savannah elephant, but also the forest elephant. There is also a claim that there exist a desert elephant. More research is needed to make the difference clear.