Horseshoe Bend: 5 Best Tips including taking photos

Horseshoe Bend

A horseshoe-shaped bend in the Colorado River

Horseshoe Bend is a remarkable horseshoe shaped bend in the famous Colorado River. A popular spot for photographers. Horseshoe Bend is, in many ways, the best example of the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Although it's actually just outside of the canyon.

This natural attraction has become very popular through social media in recent years. A few years ago you can still climb on the rocks and see the spectacle. A lot has changed since then. The dusty path to it is, typically American, now paved. Parking is paid and you can only look at the landscape from a special viewing platform.

The water in Horsehsoe Bend comes from Lake Powell about two miles away. A dam provides a constant flow of water. Which then ends in the more southern Grand Canyon.

This popular spot with photographers can be found on the edge of the Grand Canyon, but Horseshoe Bend is the epitome of the beauty of the Grand Canyon according to many.

Best tips for making photos

Most of the photos you see were taken at the sunset, the sun appears beautifully on the other side of the river. Only if it is not cloudy, of course. Perfect for photos with soft light and the sun on the horizon. The advantage is that it is often a bit quieter with tourists. But there are often many photographers.

Around noon the sun is high in the sky and the entire horseshoe is well lit. So you can take a photo, where everything is clearly visible. Although it is probably a bit dull due to the bright light.

Quiet sunrise versus a busy sunset

Sunrise at Horseshoe Bend.

Most photographers and tourists come for the sunset. Which makes it very busy around that time, and you kind of lose the feeling of the place.

An alternative is the sunrise. The sunrise is much less interesting according to many. This is because the sun is in your back and it takes a while before it falls over the edge. But when the first light falls over the rocks, you can take beautiful pictures. which are therefore deliberately different from most photos you see.

An additional advantage is that it is mostly quiet. While the landscape around you awakens. You can even encounter animals such as foxes. Keep in mind that it can be very chilly. So dress well.

Snow at Horseshoe Bend

The beauty of snow at Horseshoe Bend.

Snow falls in Horseshoe Bend a few times a year. This happens regularly in the winter. Although it is difficult to plan, because it is possible at any time during the winter. The fact is that it gives this place something extra. So if you get a chance, go if there is a chance of snow. You will not be disappointed.

Visiting Horseshoe Bend

Wondrous Horseshoe Bend is located between the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. If you drive south from Page on Highway 89 you will automatically see a sign between milestones 544 & 545. From the parking lot there is a 1.2 kilometer walking path to a lookout. From that point you look out all over the corner.

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