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Helicopter flight over Grand Canyon

The best way to see this American natural phenomenon full glory

A helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon is a unique experience. Only then will the immense size of these natural phenomena be seen. It has been on my wish list for a long time.

 When I got in on the outskirts of Las Vegas I was a bit nervous. But I found it mainly exciting, because what was I going to see?

From which locations can I take off?

You can depart from various locations. Including Las Vegas and Lake Powel, but also on the South Rim of the gorge you take a flight.

Differences between the various helicopter tours

Keep in mind that if you take off from Las Vegas, the flight is longer and therefore more expensive. The time that you are in the Grand Canyon is limited. That was the only thing that disappointed me a bit. Although I thought flying over the Lake Powel was very nice again. As a kind of extra.

The flight from the South Rim is actually the best choice. Especially when you consider the price-to-time ratio you get in the Grand Canyon.

Landing in the Grand Canyon. ©Corno van den Berg

What can I expect on the helicopter flight?

Keep in mind that much of the Grand Canyon is off-limits to helicopters. You won't see just about everything you see from the various vantage points from the helicopter.

But there are parts of this immense gorge where helicopters are allowed to fly. Among other things, they fly between the enormous walls, which is spectacular. They are also allowed to land in various places, so that you can actually stand in the Grand Canyon. And take pictures.

Best time for a helicopter flight in the Grand Canyon?

The best time for a helicopter flight is early in the morning and late afternoon. The light will be soft, creating the best circumstances for video and photos.

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How much does a helicopter flight in the Grand Canyon cost?

It is not cheap, but very much. Take into account about $ 200 for the shortest flights, where you can also board for $ 500 for longer excursions. Or one with a champagne breakfast in the Grand Canyon for example.

Judge for yourself what suits you best. It doesn't hurt to compare prices. Sometimes there are special promotions, so you can negotiate a fair amount of money.

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