Blooming flowers in Death Valley: 10 Best Tips -

Death Valley flowers in bloom

A colourful phenomenon in one of the driest places on earth

Flowers in full bloom in Death Valley National Park. It happens after a few rain showers, making one of the driest places in the world in bloom. An ocean of colours awaits you, what you might have seen on social media. But you can see it yourself in the United States with some good planning.

The wondrous flowers of Death Valley

The blossom of thousands of flowers in the driest place on earth does not happen every year. You have to be lucky. But if you are in the US during Spring, it is worth checking out.

A diversity of flowers in Death Valley.

According to scientists, the blossom season depends on a variety of circumstances. Like the temperature in the winter period, whether there is sufficient rainfall, the right amount of sunlight and moderate winds.

Where can I see the flowers?

There are several places where you can see the trees. But the best place by far is Furnace Creek. This area then turns yellow. With some purple and white here and there.

But it doesn't hurt to check if Death Valley is in bloom during your trip through the United States.

Best time

A valley of flowers in Death Valley.

Best period is mid February until the end of June. Best chance is in April, May and June, but you need to be lucky.

Though it is hard to plan to see this Bucket List tip, it’s pays to keep an eye on the internet. In this day and age, social media plays an important role. As soon as there is a hint of blossom in this area, the internet will be flooded with images. That’s the time to go!

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