Backcountry Camping in Monument Valley: This is how to arrange it

Backcountry camping in Monument Valley

Waking up in this unique landscape gives you the ultimate Wild West feeling

Backcountry camping in Monument Valley; how beautiful do you want it? And not on a campsite, but in the wild. It's possible, and you really are one of the few. Read how to arrange this amazing experience.

You can find several campsites in Monument Valley, but they are very crowded and noisy, located near busy roads. Backcountry camping is the perfect solution. This way, you will wake up with beautiful views and a sunrise to write home about.

This wonderful natural area in the United States is one of the most beautiful landscapes in America. Where you can enjoy camping. This is possible at the campsites, but also in the remote parts of this rugged area.

Camping in a special place. You can call it that. You wake up with a view of the famous stone rocks. And be the first to take a walk in this world-famous landscape.

Waking up with a view like this in Monument Valley.

Permit required for Monument Valley backcountry camping

You do need a permit to go backcountry camping. Monument Valley is not a national park, but it does belong to the Navajo people. You can apply for a permit online, which you will have to pick up in person a few weeks late. And believe me, it’s worth it…

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