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Alaska Cruise

Some parts of the Alaskan wilderness can only be reached by ship

Going on a Alaska cruise: A magical experience to explore through Alaska. Part of this wilderness is only accessible by cruise ship. A delightful quest for glaciers, bears, killer whales, whales, icebergs, and much more. Find the best tips for your trip.

A cruise is an ultimate way to discover any part of Alaska. Including the capital Juneau, which can only be reached by ship or plane.

You can depart from both Vancouver (Canada) and Seattle (United States) and sail north. It is an unprecedented experience. 

You can book several routes. The most popular is eight days, but there are also cruises through Alaska of 14 days, for example. And longer. The choice is yours.

Alaska Cruise to Juneau and Glacier Bay

Juneau is the capital of Alaska. It is a fun stop to see everyday life in Alaska. Other popular stops are Ketchikan and Skagway. These are former villages mainly known for the Gold Rush. Because when gold was found here, it became the Wild West of Alaska. The route also includes the mighty Glacier Bay.

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Whales on an Alaska Cruise.

I took this cruise and saw bears, various types of whales, and orcas, among other things. But also an unprecedented rugged landscape, where I could take a nice hike. And if you plan it properly, you can even see bears hunting salmon. As I saw at the end of the summer.

Alaska Cruise from Nome to Seward

There are several cruises that visit remote villages such as Nome and Seward. Where you mainly sail along the coast of Alaska. With of course various excursions in the interior. Nature comes first. You will include a visit to the famous Katmai. Where you can also see bears fishing for salmon.

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Brown bear with cubs during an Alaska Cruise.

Choosing the best cruise

You should not only look at the price of the Alaska Cruise. The program on the way is the most important thing. So check which excursions are included in the price. Or not. And then also which ones are available. Such as kayaking, which is a unique experience.

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