Deep Dive Dubai: Deepest Pool In The World -

Deep Dive Dubai

The world's deepest pool is in Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai is the deepest pool in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records. It opened its doors in July 2021 in Dubai, the city where anything is possible. Deep Dive Dubai is no less than 60 meters deep and is filled with no less than 14 million liters of warm water.

The pool has all kinds of attractions like a sunken city. The pool is particularly suitable for divers, but also for snorkeling enthusiasts and swimmers.

Just about anything is possible in Dubai. For example, you will find the tallest building in the world, but also countless other unique sights such as the largest indoor ski slope. Deep Dive Dubai is the newest attraction in the United Arab Emirates. Until recently, you could find the deepest pool Deepspot, Poland. This swimming pool is 45 meters deep.

Deep Dive Dubai is also for visitors worth a visit. There are a number of peepholes for visitors so you can watch the divers pass by. Or the swimmers because that is also possible if there is availability.

For beginners and professionals

A diver exploring Deep Dive Dubai. ©Deep Dive Dubai

The pool at Deep Dive Dubai is especially suitable for divers. They can go into the depths in search of an abandoned and flooded city. Where you will see a table football game, with which you can really play. There are also complete rooms with arcade machines. You can go on an adventure and choose your own route.

Diving and freedive courses

Deep Dive Dubai offers different diving courses, for beginners and advanced. For example, as a beginner, you can do a discovery dive, but also get the PADI certificate and learn how to free dive, as well as cave diving and other advanced diving courses.

Deep Dive Dubai. ©Deep Dive Dubai

Location of Deep Dive Dubai

The immense pool is a 25-minute drive from the Dubai International Airport located in Nad Al Sheba. You can visit it on your way to Dubai.

Want to go for a dive?

Make a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment. There is a good chance that this pool will become very popular, which will make it difficult to make a booking. Visit the website of Deep Dive Dubai.