The tulip fields of Holland is a nature spectacle. You’ll find them in many places in The Netherlands. There is even a them park for it: Keukenhof. The Keukenhof tulip park is world famous, but I prefer to walk or ride my bicycle past the fields. They are large, open, more chaotic and often right in the middle of other natural beauty. It’s great to go and find them on your own accord, on foot or by bike.

Not many people know that most tulip farms are in the Noordoostpolder, in the province of Flevoland. East of Lelystad you can find large, colourful tulip fields.

Tulip fields in bloom in the Netherlands.
Tulip fields in bloom in the Netherlands. Corno van den Berg

More well known are the tulip farms along the coast near Den Haag and Leiden, up towards Alkmaar.  Good places to visit there are Noordwijk, Sassenheim and Limmen.

Best tulip fields in the Netherlands.
Best tulip fields in the Netherlands. Viisoreanu Florin Gabriel

Keukenhof Tulip Park:

The Keukenhof is well-known. This tulip park is only open for 7 weeks of the year, so make sure you plan your trip well if you’d like to visit it.

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Best time to go:

From mid-March to late May large parts of the Netherlands are transformed into colourful patchwork quilts. The best time to see them is April, when the fields are in full bloom and brightest. the beginning of May is also perfect for a visit.

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