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The Rock Restaurant on Zanzibar

Most unique restaurant in Africa?

The Rock Restaurant op Zanzibar is a unique restaurant in the world. Sometimes it's reachable by foot, and sometimes you need a boat. Take a look and book that flight to Zanzibar.

The Rock in Tanzania is built on a coral rock in the turquoise sea. It is small, but cosy. And the setting is just awesome. Visiting this restaurant is a must. May be not for a meal, but just for a drink. 

Famous on social media

Visiting the Rock Restaurant on Zanzibar.

The Rock has become very popular in recent years. Especially through social media such as Facebook and Instagram, where countless people posted their photos. Although Tripadvisor also lends a hand, particularly by praising the location.

Fishermen working for the restaurant.

The seafood menu

One of the dishes at the Rock on Zanzibar.

The food consists mainly of fish and shellfish, not unexpected. It is certainly not bad, but not special according to many reviews. but it might become special with the view and the smell of the ocean.

Best time to visit

Prices have gone up sharply due to all the attention. In addition, booking a table has now become a lot more difficult. In the past you could just walk in here, but that time has passed. Try to avoid weekends and holiday periods.

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