Boulders Beach is right in the suburbs. But that doesn’t bother the African penguins here at all. They simply waddle across the beach, the streets and the rocks. And they make their nests in the shrubs a little further along.

The penguins live under houses. They hide under cars. It’s what made the tiny town of Boulders, near Simon’s Town, world famous. It’s south of Cape Town and definitely worth a visit.

You can followed tracks around Boulder to see the animals. Especially during breeding season (February to March) it’s extra special to be there.

Keep an eye out for penguins that need to get past other ones. They’re not gentle about it and it can be comical to see.

Boulders Beach is great for swimming when the weather is nice. You can see a penguin pass every now and then, and their swimming skills will make you feel inadequate.

An African penguin near Boulders Beach
An African penguin near Boulders Beach. Hill

But you can see these cute animals in other places along the coast near Cape Town as well. When you walk along the sea you can encounter them anywhere, when they come ashore to take a break from their adventures at sea.

So always keep an eye on the water, and also the beaches when the animals come in from the sea. You can find out more about these funny creatures at Boulders Beach Visitor Centre.

Please note:

Boulders Beach is very popular with tourists. It can get quite busy at the special viewing areas here. So make sure you head there early in the day, so you can see how the penguins get up and prepare for a day hunting for fish at sea.

The end of the day is also a good time to go, when the light becomes more gentle. Many penguins return from their adventures at sea then.