Privacy Policy

We find privacy, just like you, very important. Therefore, we have laid out what type of (personal) information we collect with our platform and what we subsequently do with this information.

But first, what is Corno van den Berg (Dutch) is founder and (propriety) owner of the platform. In The Netherlands, we have a similar platform ( of which he is also the founder and (propriety) owner. Van den Berg is an independent travel journalist with over 25 years of experience in the field.

Every year he travels around the world and shares his experiences, recommendations and adventures through amongst others the platforms of and Every now and then he also publishes a content (e.g. article, video, photograph) on a third party platform. This can be a digital platform, but also traditional media like a magazine or newspaper.

The platform of is used as a publication means where content, created by Van den Berg is posted. This content comes in the form of written text, photography and video material. The content on the platform is either self-created or curated. In the case of curation, where necessary the credits of its owner are given.

Visitors of can browse through all content published on the platform. Visitors also have the possibility to create a profile and add Bucket List recommendations to a personal Bucket List. This personal Bucket List is a feature of the profile page.

When creating a profile, the user of the platform leaves the following information behind, which is stored in a secure database:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Nickname
  • E-mail address
  • Self-chosen password
  • Bucket List recommendation added to the profile
  • Bucket List recommendations listed as ‘been here’ to the profile

This information can be changed at any time by logging in as the user.

This information is by default public, but the user can change this into private on his profile page.

This information is not given or sold to third parties by commercial means. If you want to delete your profile, you can contact us and we will delete you entirely from our database. You can contact us through

We, at, use the information

  • to communicate with our community about changes to the platform and services
  • to communicate exciting travel news, great offers, competitions, surveys, promotions and special events
  • to manage our competitions and contact the winners
  • to personalise and improve the platform and services so the user gets the best user experience

We also register user data through our statistics software Google Analytics (GA). Automatically, during every session, GA collects anonymously the following data:

  • What browser is used to visit the website
  • From which country comes the IP-address
  • What time does the session start and end
  • What pages are visited in a session and for how long

This data is anonymised and is used by us to evaluate what is happening on the platform and how we can improve our services. This data can be shared with third parties like average amount of sessions per month, average amount of pageviews per month, share of gender, age ranges, most used device, etc. This data cannot be traced to a specific person. can also link to a third party website, as we believe this information might be relevant and useful for our visitors. However, by no means, we can be held responsible for the content of those third party websites and the corporate behaviour of those third parties.