Palawan stands for white beaches, palm trees, lagoons, steep cliff faces and coral reefs. El Nido, famous for its cliffs and beaches, is located in the north of the island.

Palawan is much more rugged than most people expect, as most photos taken are of the lagoons between the steep cliffs, but the coastline is around 2.000 kilometres long, and boats lots of inlets and bays.

If you go inland you will quickly notice how hilly and rocky the landscape is. The main island has a mountain ridge of around 1.200 meter high running over it, with the highest peak, Mount Matalingahan, reaching 2.085 meters.

Much of the original rainforest is preserved here thanks to a ban on logging since 1992, so you can find lots of interesting animals here. Some of the creatures you may encounter are tarsiers, monkeys and deer, and five different kinds of hornbill birds.

So make sure you don’t just lounge on the beach, but head into the forest. The best place to go is the St. Paul Subterranean National Park, where you can float down an underwater river, a great experience.