Baños Termales de Chacapi

Hot Springs near Colca Canyon

Baños Termales de Chacapi is a hot spring in the town of Yanque in Peru. It is also popularly referred to as Yanque Hot Springs. You will find the pools in a steep gorge in the Rio Colca, or the Colca River. Which you may know from the famous Colca Canyon. I have collected the best tips for and things to do at Banos Termales de Chacapi.

If you visit the famous Colca Canyon, this hot spring is located near the town of Yanque. Jump in to cool off after getting eye to eye with the mighty Andean condor, as I did. You will get rid of all the dust and sweat, while your muscles will relax. The water is very mineral rich, which your body will appreciate. 

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A Variety of Hot Baths

At Yanque Hot Springs you will find various hot water baths. Varying from 32 to 38 degrees to immerse yourself in. From the pools, you get a good view of the river with a beautiful historic stone bridge that dates from the time of the Spaniards.

Multiple Hot Springs around Colca Canyon

These hot springs are one of many in the region around Colca Canyon. I visited several, but I think this is the most beautiful one to visit. Not only because of the clean (and warm) water, but mostly because of the location. Many locals come here as well, which gives it an extra atmosphere. You mainly see couples, as well as parents with children.

Old and New Pools

Baños Termales de Chacapi from above. ©Corno van den Berg

Three new pools are continuously filled with volcanically heated water. The temperature is 38 degrees. You can also cross the river via a suspension bridge to get to several older swimming pools. These pools are also filled with warm water. The view from the older pools is a bit less, but you can get a drink and sit in the sun for example.


The facilities are basic. There are cubicles to change and you can use the shower. Due to the climate in the Andes mountains, it is often nice and warm during the day. Which gives you the opportunity to dry off in the sun whilst enjoying the blue sky and the surroundings. A perfect setting for beautiful photos and videos.

A family enjoys the Yanque Hot Springs. ©Corno van den Berg

Yanque Hot Springs Entrance Fee

The entrance fee is just a few Peruvian Soles. You can also buy various cool drinks at the place. To me, for a small fee, you can enjoy your visit to the maximum. Relax in some nice warm water and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 

Location of Yanque Hot Springs

Chivay is for many travellers, the base for visiting Colca Canyon. The hot springs are only about 10 kilometres from this town. You can easily take a taxi for a few Soles. Don't forget to agree upon a pickup time to go back to your accommodation.

Accommodations around Colca Canyon

You can spend the night in the villages around the gorge. I chose Yanque, as this is also a vibrant village. Yanque offers various hotels, lodges and bed & breakfasts in all price ranges. But you can also stay in the village of Chivay where there is a local market. You will find locals in traditional clothing and you can buy many fresh products.

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