It’s a dream that most people have. To quit your job and travel the world. South-Africans Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger are doing it.

They’re travelling right now and have no idea for how long and where the trip is taking them. So far they’ve travelled over 88.000 km (55.000 miles)…

Moment 0; The Start Of The Trip In Johannesburg

8,339 km, Seekirchen, Austria

9,126 km, Salzburg, Austria

9,245 km, Untersberg, Germany

13,013 km, Alta, Norway

Another Wanderer

18,972 km, Tännforsen, Sweden

21,722 km, Hallstatt, Austria

31,412 km, Istanbul, Turkey

53,563km, Bangkok, Thailand

65,369 km, Perth, Australia

82,892 km, London, England

83,408 km, Paris, France

Meet the couple: Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger

Don’t think this is easy. They share their experiences on their website, and they’re not all that beautiful. You can also follow them on their website and on Instagram.