Paraglider on skis in the last sunlight through the Alps

Paraglider soars through the Alps at sunset

Paragliding is a wonderful sport, especially in the mountains. Especially in winter, when you can discover the winter landscape with skis. I did it too and thought it was magical. See the video of a paraglider, they are amazing.

The video was shot in La Clusaz, a winter sports area in France. I also did paragliding with ski's, which was a unique experience. You get a unique view of the snow-capped mountains and can see unprecedentedly far. With a bit of luck, you will even see animals such as ibex or chamois. Or a golden eagle soaring in the sky.

In this video you can see an instructor who goes out during the Golden Hour. This is the last moment before the sun sets. At that moment, a lot of soft indirect light is created, which creates a red glow.

Watch the amazing footage: