Artist Creates Art from Falling Leaves

The falling of the leaves from the trees is usually the end of the season. But not for artist Nikola Faller. He has been making art with leaves for years. He prefers to use yellow and red discoloured leaves on green grass Which results in a beautiful colour combination.

Nikola Faller lives in the city of Osijek in the north of Croatia. Each fall, he sets out to create works of art with leaves in the local parks.

Which he says is relatively simple. He first thinks of the shape he wants to make. He likes to use the trees, shrubs and more. After which he starts raking. Nikola mainly makes artistic shapes, but also flowers and animals.

Not only leaves

Nikola creates art all year round. For example, also with drawings on beaches or works of art made of straw after the harvest has ended. He finds new things every time, although he loves autumn.

He posts many of his works on Instagram, so that countless people can become acquainted with this special art.

Check out some of his artwork with leaves