Peter Ernst Coolen of Street Art Today: ‘You can’t even imagine today’s streetscape without street art anymore. Art critics around the world consider street art to be the most relevant art movement of our time, and because it’s on the streets, it’s very accessible as well. With our collection, we don’t just want to capture contemporary art, but bring it together in one place.’

The welding shed.

All pieces are created especially for this museum, which is happening at a secret location. The sizes of the artworks are remarkable. ‘The smallest artwork that we’ll have on display is already bigger than Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, and the largest we have so far is by Telmo Miel, and is five by twelve metres high. After the renovation, we’ll place the pieces side by side with the old cranes, in a space that is 24 metres high and has a monumental, industrial atmosphere.’

Anne Frank already graces the facade of the museum.
Anne Frank already graces the facade of the museum. Marco Buddingh

The world-famous Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra has already completed a 24-metre high portrait of Anne Frank on the outside of the future museum. The very colourful artwork with the title Let Me Be Myself tells the story of Anne Frank, which is relevant even today.

Kobra is most famous for the largest piece of street art in the world, in Rio de Janeiro. He was also the official artist of the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. There will be more big-name artist added to the bill of the works at this yet-to-open museum.