You might know Deadvlei from photos. It’s a wondrous area that was once a swap, which slowly dried out to become a saltpan. Everything here is bone dry, and the 900-year-old trees are majestic fossils.

De Deadvlei
The Deadvlei at its best. Corno van den Berg

Deadvlei is surrounded by high dunes, some of which are higher than 350. They have names such as ‘Big Daddy’. The way the landscape changes from the dunes to the saltpan is remarkable.

It’s best to visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon. There are two reasons to do so: it’s less hot, and you get better photos. Always have your back to the sun and try to capture the trees in the photos.

Take note!
Deadvlei can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius at its hottest time. It’s a desert and requires that you prepare well before you head off here to spend a few days touring. Besides wearing protective clothing (long sleeves and a hat) it’s important to have plenty of drinking water. Going in the morning or late afternoon will make a difference, also when it comes to the lighting, the colours are much better then.