Luchtballon tocht boven de woestijn van Namibië -

Hot air balloon over the Namib Desert

A unique way to see this desert in Namibia

Fly in a hot air balloon over the Namib Desert in Namibia. The best way to see this giant sandpit is to get into a hot air balloon, and see the landscape from above. Then enjoy a champagne breakfast as cherry on the cake.

 The Namib is the oldest desert in the world. Surprisingly, it’s full of wild animals. One of the best tours in this country is a wonderful balloon safari.

What does the balloon safari looks like?

Be prepared to have an early start of the day. This excursion starts before sunrise. You will be driven to a location where the air in the balloon is prepared. When the balloon is upright, you have to get in. When it is completely filled, the fun starts. The gaining height goes relatively quickly.

From your balloon you have a view over the red dunes and you can even see Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. Bring your camera (and mobile phone) and make sure you have it at hand when you go up in the sky. The hot air balloon is a unique way to see the area. You could even spot wild animals like the oryx and springbok.

A balloon set for take off in the Namib Desert.


You end this excursion with a real champagne breakfast. Where you can tell the guides what you think of this tour. A hot air balloon ride is certainly not cheap, but worth every penny.

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