Fish River Canyon: Largest canyon in Africa -

Fish River Canyon

Largest canyon in Africa, located in Namibia

Fish River Canyon is one of the remarkable landscapes in Namibia. It’s a rough terrain where wind and weather have created canyons. The process continues to this day.

The size of River Canyon will really hit you when you take a walk around here. For example when you put on your walking shoes and head down into the canyon. Or when you follow the path along the edge at the top. Or both, of course. There are lots of walking tracks to follow, it’s up to you.

Second largest canyon in the world

Fish River Canyon is the second-largest canyon in the world (Grand Canyon is the largest). But it is the largest canyon in Africa, especially when you consider the numbers: it's 160 kilometres long, 27 kilometres wide and in places 550 metre deep.

Hiking in the Fish River Canyon.

Sunrise and sunset

The sunrise (and sunset) here are really worth seeing. The gentle light adds that extra dimension to the landscape, as does a rare thunderstorm.

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