Pelikaan op de boot.
A cheeky pelican aboard the boat. Corno van den Berg

It’s officially a dolphin safari, but you can see lots of animals when you take this boat tour out of Walvis Bay. For example, thousands of brown fur seals that live on the beaches, and there are flamingos everywhere. And clumsy, hungry pelicans that come aboard your boat.

A seal on board… Corno van den Berg
‘Will perform for fish!’. Corno van den Berg
If you’re lucky you’ll spot several kinds of dolphins (possibly even the rare Heaviside’s dolphin) and potentially a whale or two. Excitingly, the brown fur seals come aboard for a fishy snack, so you can take great pictures of them close up.
Flamingos in Walvis Bay. Corno van den Berg

The best time to go is early in the morning, that’s when you’ll see most animals. The best time of year is in November and December when the brown fur seals have their young. In spring and summer time (October to March) it can get very hot here, above 40 degrees Celsius.

Boat tours leave from Swakopmund, ask around about the different options.