Santa Maria Della Concezione; is a church decorated with bones Rome. Many bones have disappeared from most catacombs. But under the 17th century, Santa Maria Della Concezione bones were used to make works of art.

What can I see in this church?

Monks have made mosaics here in various crypts, using bones from their deceased brothers. You will see all sorts of images of death and the hereafter.

Skeletons, sometimes still wearing the habit, will remind of our mortality. Even the Grim Reaper is present.

The wonderous interior of Santa Maria Della Concezione.
The wonderous interior of Santa Maria Della Concezione. Corno van den Berg

An interesting fact is that the monks currently running this church will be added to the exhibition once they are deceased. It makes your visit and interaction with the staff even more special.

Best time to visit Santa Maria Della Concezione

Despite this not being the most heartwarming place to visit, it will still get busy here in summer. The best time to go and to avoid crowds is early morning and during the week.

How do I get to the Santa Maria Della Concezione.?

The church is near the Piazza Barberini on Via Vittorio Veneto in Rome.

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