Gargano National Park

Most Beautiful Place in Puglia

Gargano National Park is located in central Italy. This park was established in 1991, but is already one of the absolute must-sees in Puglia. You will find this nature reserve on the Gargano peninsula. It is a wonderful place to discover for yourself. Read about the most beautiful places and highlights of Gargano National Park.

Puglia has been one of the most popular places in Italy for some time now. Its rugged coast is one of its main attractions. The most beautiful part is located in the Gargano National Park and protected from further development.

When you visit the park you will see some of the oldest trees in Italy. These are mostly Aleppo pines, with their characteristic wind-driven growth. In 1991 it was given official national park status and finally got the appreciation it deserves. Although, not everyone is familiar with this place.

Monte Gargano

The beach at Baia delle Zagare in Gargano National Park.

The national park is located in the beautiful Bay of Monte Gargano. With several beaches that are very worthwhile. You can also take a boat out on the water and can see the coast from the water. It will also give you the opportunity to go ashore at various abandoned places.

Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands at Gargano National Park.

The wonderful Tremiti Islands are located north of the peninsula. It is an archipelago of five islands: 

  • San Nicola: the most populous island
  • San Domino: the largest as well as the greenest island
  • Capraia: an uninhabited and barren island, it is named after the caper plant that is common here
  • Cretaccio: a small rocky island
  • Pianosa: the smallest island

Rodi Garganico

The town of Rodi Garganico.

A visit to the town of Rodi Garganico is worthwhile. It's  mostly known for its white houses and cozy shops. You can also taste fresh oranges and lemons grown in the area.

Take a leisurely stroll through the town and don't forget the beaches on the east and west sides. You can easily relax, especially early in the morning or at the end of the day.

Grotta Sfondata

Grotta Sfondata bij Vieste.

The cave Grotta Sfondata is a hole in the rocks near the town of Vieste. It's actually not a cave as it has a hole in the roof. You can easily visit this cave. Ask around for the exact location in Vieste. Go early in the day to beat most of the other visitors.


Vieste is a lovely town on the coast.

The town of Vieste is located on a rock by the sea. To see how the city is built, walk just out of town to have a view of the lovely city. Vieste is located in the Gargano National Park and is well worth a visit. The town thrives from tourism, although this used to be mainly fishing and agriculture. You can still eat good fish dishes in the various restaurants.

Natural Arches

A natural arch in Gargano National Park.

In Gargano National Park you will find several natural arches, which were created by erosion. The two most famous are San Felice Arch and the rock by the beach at Baia delle Zagare.

Accommodation near Gargano National Park

This area is wonderful to spend several nights. This can be done both on the coast and inland. Think of small hotels, quiet holiday homes or convenient apartments, all of which you can book online. Make sure you book on time, this area is very popular. This certainly applies to the holidays, but also to weekends in spring or autumn.


Beach scene at Gargano National Park.

You will find several beaches in the park. The most famous are Baia della Pergola, Mattinatella Beach, Zagare Bay or Mergoli Bay, Ponente and Levante Beach, Cento Scalini o Tufare Beach, Varcaro Bay, Vignanotica and Cala della Sanguinara Beach.

Sandy beaches at the coast of Puglia.

Visit Gargano National Park

Gargano National Park is located in the north of Puglia. This peninsula forms the knob in the heel of Italy. It is just over 2 hours drive from both Naples and Bari.

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