Garda by Bike: 140 km cycling route along Lake Garda in Italy

Garda by Bike

New 140 km cycle route around Lake Garda

Garda by Bike is a new cycle path along Lake Garda in Italy. It will open after the summer of 2021 as the last parts of the cycle route are currently being completed. The most special part is where the path lingers as wooden pieces along the rocks. Here you have the feeling of the path floats in the air.

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. It is the country's most popular holiday region. In addition to a wonderful road trip, you will soon be able to cycle along the lake. Where you are not bothered by other traffic. Which is really a relief at Lake Garda. You can cycle around Lake Garda at your leisure.

The construction of Garda by Bike

Existing parts of the cycle path will be connected to each other. But there also new parts being built. Some areas are spectacular. For example where the cycle path lingers as a wooden path along the rocks just above the water's edge.

The entire path will have a few differences in height. So that basically anyone can ride it. And the new cycle path is strikingly wide, so that you can easily pass others. In addition, the path is fenced, so that it is safe.

If you have an electric bike, you can even do a large part of the route in one day. But it is also the intention to make many stops along the way. And Lake Garda is well worth it. It is unknown when the cycle route will open, but it will be sometime this year.


Garda by Bike is a cycle path, but large parts are also accessible by foot. In other words, you have to be careful.

A view of the Garda by Bike cycle path.

The Garda by Bike route will connect to two longer cycling routes. One is the famous EuroVelo 7 Sun route, which runs from Malta to the extreme tip of the North Cape. And is no less than 7,000 kilometers long. It also connects to the EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean route that runs from Cadiz in Spain to Izmir in Turkey. This cycling route is 7,500 kilometers long.

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