The Galleria degli Uffizi (or Uffizi as it’s more commonly known) is an absolute must. Architect Giorgio Vasari started constructing a row of buildings in 1560 on the Arno river to house the offices of the city council.

The building is adorned with an elegant row of columns. Initially, only the top floor was dedicated for the slowly expanding collection of art, but it was soon proven that that was not enough space.

You can see works by artists such as: Michelangelo (The Holy Family painting), da Vinci, Rembrandt, Giotto, Botticelli (Birth of Venus), Caravaggio, Titian (Venus of Urbino), Raphael and Rubens.

But also the work by Piero della Francasca, his “Duke and Duchess of Urbino” from 1460 is considered to be one of the first Renaissance portraits. While Giotto’s altarpiece “Madonna Enthroned” from 1310, with its unique perspective, is an absolute masterpiece according to experts.

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