Thingvellir National Park is a unique place, where the tectonic plates of Europe and America meet. But not really, because they are actually moving away from each other, which has caused the bizarre Silfra fissure. It is believe it will cause Iceland to split in two one day, but that will probably take millions of years. But this is where you can go for a swim in the extremely clear water.

Do note, the water is incredibly cold, about five degrees Celsius. It might even be four degrees…That’s why you will wear a dry-suit that will give you extra protection from the cold. Then you hit the glacial water… Your lips will bruise quickly (and become quite big) but you’ll be comfortable otherwise.

You’ll see something unique through your goggles: extremely clear water, visibility is more than one hundred metres…Algae and other water plants can survive down here, in this bizarre underwater world. It’s an excursion you won’t easily forget.

You can also dive here, which will obviously take you deeper into the rift than snorkelling, but you won’t see much more because there aren’t any fish or other animals down there.

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