Sleep in a Bubble Glass Igloo in Iceland -

Sleep in the Bubble Hotel

Unique accommodation under the stars and the Northern Lights

The Bubble Hotel in Iceland have been around for a while. But they are not so well known yet. Which is a shame. The Icelanders call it the 5 million star hotel. The Bubble Igloo is a concept where you can sleep in glass (or plastic) domes. With a view that makes everyone jealous.

There are five kinds of bubbles, as they call them, to choose from. They are heated and have comfortable beds inside.

One of the five kinds of bubbles you can stay in.

The Five Types of Bubble

They five different kinds of bubbles have Icelandic names such as Una, Asta, Thorunn, Valdis and Maria. They are all slightly different but have one thing in common: uninterrupted views of the sky and landscape around you. That’s why this place is also known as the ‘five million star hotel’, for obvious reasons.

The Bubble Igloo at night.

This unspoiled view makes you feel great, and in Iceland there’s a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights in winter, in the comfort of your bed.

The Northern Lights seen from one of the bubbles.

Cheap or expensive?

It’s not as expensive as most accommodation in Iceland, so please check the website for the latest prices.

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