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Meet the dinosaur of Iceland

Hvítserkur is a 15 metres high rock arising the Gulf of Húnaflói in northern Iceland. It resembles either a drinking dinosaur or rhino. During low tide you can actually walk towards it.


Iceland is famous for it’s landscapes. With numerous waterfalls, stunning clouds and rock formations this is a place you have to visit. One of the most famous rocks is Hvítserkur. You can visit the famous rock on your Road Trip  through Iceland.

Suddenly you see a 15 meter high rock standing in the sea. It looks like an immense drinking dinosaur. Or rhinoceros. When it is low tide you can even walk to Hvítserkur. You reach this natural phenomenon via a footpath to the beach.

Hvítserkur: The Dragon of Iceland

The 15-meter-high rock has already been given dozens of nicknames. The rock resembles a dinosaur. And also on a rhinoceros. Or on a dragon that drinks. And you can go on like this for a while. What do you think he looks like?
The rock is best known through social media. In recent years he has appeared on Facebook and Instagram hundreds of times. Which amazed countless travelers. And wanted to see the rock in real life.

What's the location of Hvítserkur?

You can find Hvítserkur in the north of Iceland in the Gulf of Húnaflói. Be careful not to pass it, because it is slightly hidden. The wonderful rock is covered with white rash from the many bird droppings. You also see various birds sitting on the rock.

It is a wonderful picnic spot in good weather. And then you can also see how the rising water is withdrawing or how it is conquering land again. Which puts the rock further out into the sea.

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