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Its 2.962 meter-high peak make it the highest mountain in Germany


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The Zugspitze is 2.962 meters high, by far the highest mountain in Germany. This mountain peak is often considered the gateway to the Alps. You can hike your way up, or take the cable car. In winter you can ski down.

It is famous for its views of the mountain range, in any season. It is good for hiking and a famous skiing area in winter. It’s in south Bavaria, on the border between Germany and Austria

Ways to Reach the Top

You can hike to the top, or you can take one of the cable cars, which take you to 2.950 meter altitude. From its peak you can see the Alps as well as the rolling hills of Bavaria. In winter this is a popular ski area.

More information: www.zugspitze.com and zugspitzarena.com

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