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Lichtenstein Castle

One of the most beautiful castles in Europe, on top of a rock

Lichtenstein Castle in Germany is in a beautiful location. Making it seem like you are walking into a fairytale. Especially in good weather and low sun, it is an impressive castle. And you get a beautiful view.

Schloss Lichtenstein is a famous castle, it is located on top of a rock. It lies in the steep Northwest side of the Swabian Jura. Which makes it extra beautiful. The castle can only be reached via a bridge. Which makes it easier to protect. It is locally known as Schloss Lichtenstein.

The castle stands at an altitude of 817 meters. You look out over the 250 meters lower valley of the Echaz. This is a small tributary of the Neckar. It’s a wonderful view. The castle is described as the fairytale castle of Württemberg. And when you walk here you will quickly understand why.

The entrance bridge of Lichtenstein Castle.

Lichtenstein Castle is not very old. It was built around 1840. Most people don’t know it was inspired by the historical novel Lichtenstein by Willem Hauff from 1826. It features a castle on a steep rock. The current castle is very similar to the one described in the book. Although the tower is a lot wider.

Visiting Lichtenstein Castle

The castle is privately owned, so you can only visit it with a guided tour. With a guide, you will go through most of the rooms, the cannons, and the many collectibles in the castle. You can visit the courtyard without a tour. And of course its surroundings. Most beautiful pictures are taken outside the castle. You can buy an entrance ticket for the castle on the spot, which also includes a guided tour.

Lichtenstein Castle at sunset.

The old castle

If you walk around you can also visit the ruins of another castle. About 500 meters southeast of the castle are the remains of the medieval castle Alt-Lichtenstein. This is also known as Alter Lichtenstein.

Photography tips

You can hardly take bad pictures here. Especially in the early morning, it is a picturesque setting as the first light shines on the castle. But also when the sun goes down you can take beautiful pictures here. Even during the day, it is easy to take good photos in good weather.

Avoid the crowds

It can get crowded with tourists. Especially on the weekends and on high season. The experience will then be a lot less. During weekends and high season, it is doable in the early morning. When the light is often good.

How to travel to Lichtenstein Castle?

The castle is located in the south of Germany. Lichtenstein Castle is located in the Swabian Jura. This about 100 kilometers south of Stuttgart.

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