The German Wine Route: 85 km by bike or by car -

German Wine Route

A delicious tour including Riesling and Roman history


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The German Wine Route is an 85-kilometer route along the most important vineyards in Germany. On a bike you can visit the vineyards of the Pfalz; the largest Riesling area in the world.

The famous Deutsche Weinstrasse is also known as the German Wine Route. This route was founded in 1935: a 85-kilometer road past all the important wine areas in Germany.

The Romans

Although, the Romans initiated this route. They brought the grapes to this region. But you can also learn all about the contemporary German wines, which are famous around the world.

By car, bike or on foot

You can follow the route by car, by bicycle, but also on foot – it’s up to you. The 85-kilometre long route starts with the Deutsches Weintor (German Wine Gate) in the in Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the French border, and crosses the Pfalz towards Bockenheim in the north.

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