It’s a new travel trend in England, sleeping in an old church. These have been made available be hired out entirely to accommodate two or more people.

You can bring your own bedding, or hire it, and most essentials are supplied, such as cosy lanterns and especially wine, but you’re welcome to bring whatever you like, including children and dogs.

Champing is a summer thing as the churches have no heating, and can be done between March and September.

There are no peak seasons and your champing rates help support The Churches Conservation Trust.

A unique way to spend the night, can you see yourself doing it?

Het interieur van een van de kerken.The interior of one of the churches. Joseph John Casey
You can sleep on the pews. Joseph John Casey
Authentic and different, that’s Champing. Joseph John Casey
One of the cosy churches. Joseph John Casey
Can you imagine yourself here?

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