The British Museum has a large collection from ancient and contemporary civilizations. There are plenty unique exhibits like the oldest image of Jesus. Or to the many mummies. An ideal museum for those who want to dive into world’s history.

The foundation was laid by a physician and collector Sir Hans Sloane. As a child he collected all kinds of objects. Remarkably, he could finance his growing collection with the money that yielded one of his inventions: drinkable chocolate.

He simply bought countless items that returned from British expeditions to the outskirts of the world. At his death in 1753 he left his collection to the British government. Six years later, the British Museum opened its doors to the public.

The artifacts come from all civilizations in the world, including the Egyptian, Greek and Roman. Highlights include the Rosetta Stone (which was the key to the decipherment of the Egyptian hiërogliefs), a Moai of Easter Island and the oldest image of Christ.

And originally the British Library was also part of this museum. Although nowadays, it is in a separate building. The famous Reading Room, where the famous Karl Marx, Rudyard Kipling and Oscar Wilde read books, still belongs to the museum.

The British Museum is located on Great Russell Street.

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