Most people’s photographs of these Bolivian salt plains show people jumping in the air, or and attempt at optical illusions where someone stands in the distance making seem as if one person is standing on top of another. If you want to soften the brightness of the white salt you can underexpose the photograph by one or two stops.

Capturing the image of a salt plain in a photograph is very difficult. Especially with so much light around you.

Here is ia top on how you can capture that mirror-effect in your picture after the rain: first of all, you need an object to create perspective and depth so you can capture the immensity of the plain.

For instance by making sure there are rocks, a cactus, a car, or maybe even yourself in the foreground. Having an object in the photograph will also give you the mirror-effect after the rainfall…

When to go?
Most of the year there is no rainfall in Uyuni. Only between December and April you have a chance of rain. So keep an eye on the weather forecast when you are there.