Australia is huge, and the most popular way to explore this country is to drive around in a rental car, staying at hotels or camping in different locations.

That’s one way to do it. But you can also travel around in a campervan, which comes with creature comforts.

You can go wherever you like, and in many places you can camp wherever you like as well, though make sure you have a permit in the national parks.

Een campervan
An off-road campervan. Corno van den Berg

There are 4×4 campervans, which can go off-road and are a bit smaller than regular campervans. One of those is a Toyota LandCruiser 4×4 for example, it’s small and tough and comes with all you need, such as a double bed and a tiny kitchen. One of these is ideal for a tour around Australia, because it gives you the ultimate freedom.

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