The Australian decided on a serious sea change, or rather an ‘outback change’. He made the decision after rescuing three orphaned joeys (baby kangaroos), and realising they couldn’t just be released into the wild.

They needed care day and night, so Chris Barns had to take them everywhere with him, including to the supermarket nearby. And they need to be bottle fed every few hours as well. He built a rescue shelter near Alice Springs with his own two hands, where he has been looking after more than 200 orphaned joeys so far.

The BBC has made a TV series about this amazing man, after which his inbox was bombarded with fan mail. Buoyed by all the attention, he wanted to use the wave of support to do more to help Australia’s wildlife, so he founded the first wildlife hospital of central Australia.

Your visit to the Kangaroo Sanctuary will help save these unique animals of Australia. And you can do a ‘sunset tour’ of the sanctuary, which is a unique experience amongst the many creatures that hop around on two legs, cheerfully skipping about and requiring loving care.

Bedtime for Indi our baby kangaroo (joey).

How do I get there?

The Kangaroo Sanctuary is in Alice Springs, relatively close to Uluru, Australia’s most famous icon.

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